Lean transformation in the Customer Service of Statoil retail

   Our mission

  • Perform a full Lean pilot in two teams in order to assess the improvement potential
  • 6 months program including a diagnostic, design and implementation phase
  • Secure an improvement plan following the pilot in order to sustain the new way of working
  • Coach 2 navigators in order to make sure they become autonomous lean experts at the end of the pilot

   End Results

  • Efficiency gains between 15 and 20% were identified while enhancing customer orientation and quality
  • A new team organization was defined
  • As a result, a roll-out to 4 other teams/countries was carried out
  • Also, several processes were reorganized into a shared service center whose design and implementation plan were carried out by the project team


  • Diagnostic

     -  Survey customer expectations and satisfaction

     -  Review quantitatively and qualitatively all organizational blocks

     -  Workshops with team members, review existing data, collecting non-existing data, 1-to-1 interviews, internal benchmark

  • Design

     -  Stabilize key processes and formalize into SOPs

     -  Redesign the whole team scheduling including changes to work organization

     -  Design a new performance management process

     -  Redefine the setup of the system supporting written channel interactions

     -  Start the continuous improvement process with team members

     -  Improve the knowledge management/training process

     -  Design the shared service center in charge of several centralized processes

  • Implementation

     -  Test the new scheduling/work organization

     -  Implement the new performance system

     -  Start the focused training / knowledge management initiatives

     -  Migration plan for the shared service center (recruitment, IT/facilities,…)

  • Roll-out to other scopes

     -  Quick scan based on initial learnings

     -  Define an implementation action plan

   Main challenges

  • Reveal problems in the diagnostic phase in a culture where problems are hidden
  • Make sure managers dedicate the necessary time to work on improvements and coach the teams
  • Trigger a cultural shift from pure execution to a focus on process improvement
  • Deal with cultural diversity and resistance to change