Our approach to Continuous improvement


Assessing your needs and those of your customers

As from the beginning we involve your people when defining issues and their root causes.

It allows us to get a deeper understanding from their point of view and at the same time it creates involvement, the first step to embracing the solution. In this phase we prioritize issues crossing their potential for improvement with the ease of implementation.


Designing solutions

This is where the fun part starts. Together with your team and based on our CSI Toolbox we co-create solutions that work for the different issues we prioritized.

In the process your team learns how to use these tools and we ourselves practice the fine balance between coaching and mentoring.


Implementing solutions

The most underestimated part and, at the same time, the one that differentiates us from other consulting houses. We help your internal team to push the solutions till they work, training their agility, resilience and perseverance. At the end all solutions are up and running and deliver the promised impact.

Ideally we help you mature these solutions into a change that enables you to further develop and embrace continuous improvement.

What we deliver

It is our mission to guide our clients towards operational excellence, increasing value to their customers, employees and shareholders, through and with their people.

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Our Promises

The investment in a lean project will have a payback less than one year and will continue to have significant impact in the future.

After a CSI full lean transformation, you will never need another lean consultant again.

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Lean teams for lean costing

Payback ≤ 1 year
Recurrent impact ≥ 10%

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