Implementing a lean transformation at the Baltic division of Swedbank

   Our mission

  • With the program’s management, further recruit and train the team that would drive the transformation
  • With the team, prepare the roll-out model and planning for the concrete initiatives developed with McKinsey support
  • Assist the team in implementing the change program in the mortgage, debit card, consumer finance and corporate lending area (10- 15 mln EUR savings ongoing)

   End Results

  • 6-2008: roll-out to mortgage and debit card area finalized; business teams executing ‘continuous improvement’ – in total 4.5 mln EUR realized
  • 9-2008: roll-out to consumer finance and corporate lending area


  • Jan – Feb: develop roll-out model for ideas developed with McKinsey

    - Understanding and describing standard working procedures (improvements)

    - Mapping of the roll-out (how many and which branches, what initiatives, …)

    - Developing various roll-out options – Aligning final model with Steering Committee

  • March: preparing the roll-out and the implementation team

    - Preparing detailed supporting material for the roll-out (handbooks, training documents, communication documents, …)

    - Mobilizing and training the implementation team (Operational Excellence experts and business responsibles)

  • Apr – Jun: implementing the changes in the branch network

    - Executing general training sessions

    - Providing on-site support to explain and coach new initiatives

    - Follow-up

  • June –Aug: certification of the debit card / mortgage roll-out results

  • July – Dec: preparing and starting the roll out in consumer finance and corporate lending areas

   Main challenges

  • Execute the changes in a coordinated way in the three Baltic countries (with a different culture) simultaneously
  • Build a completely new team to a sufficiently high level, so it can drive the roll-out
  • Maintaining focus on operational efficiency, while at the same time it was decided to fully change the organizational structure and operating model of the bank