Create overall buy-in and prove potential for a total transformation within Schibsted, a scandinavian global media company

   Our mission

  • Design and run pilots in each of the 4 companies proving CI works
  • Design and start the construction of an organization able to push this change forward
  • Support /Guide the design of the total program and program office (organization, methodology, roll out, trainings, motivation of management….)

   End Results

  • 7 pilots ran successfully:
    Proving that CI works very well in media environment (savings realized: 10-20 % of total cost base (=7- 8 x the investment) – in admin, distribution,sales, editorial)
    Local management in these 4 companies embraced vividly the CI approach
  • An educational program for top management in the 4 companies and Group was designed and executed by the company CI team (coached and trained by CSI)– the program contributed significantly in convincing the local organizations
  • Demand for similar pilots grew fast throughout the 4 companies and beyond
  • The Group and local Top management endorsed a full transformation
  • Resources and structure to support the kick off of the total change program were put in place.
  • Roll out then kicked of with waves of up to 8 other, simultaneous improvement projects


  • To start the whole exercise, a pilot selection process was put in place by CSI – 7 pilots spread over several waves were selected and staffed.
  • Solutions within the different pilots were identified, designed and implemented by CSI working together with a 3 client teams of 3-5 people each – applying Lean six sigma manufacturing principles to newspaper operations.
  • The building of the CI organization was based on education and intense coaching of local teams and the overarching team going through:

    - a diagnostic phase, identifying key issues and estimating the potential

    - a pilot phase, adapting tools, designing new ones and tuning them – an implementation phase

    - bringing all tools and coaching to the individual teams

  • Continuous improvement culture was installed in the pilot departments through visual management, clear KPI’s and continuous communication and problem solving events.

  • The success of the pilots guaranteed the buy-in and ownership of the total transformation with local and group level Top Management

  • Continuous sustainable improvement was installed through strict performance follow up (KPI tool + Store evaluation tool designed by CSI), local and EU permanent “Lean” staff, and the creation of an internal “Lean” Network leveraging best practices

   Main challenges

  • Main challenge was to get both top management and staff excited about a new approach, a new culture …

    - … in a setting where resistance to change was strong

    - … when nobody felt the need to change

    - … where top-management was very skeptical of this new “buzz”

    - … where the culture did not allow any push of change (we had to create demand)

    - … where long time traditions were in contradiction with CI principles